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real estate investment expert100% Turnkey, Double-Digit ROI, Rented & Managed Investment Properties.

Looking for up and coming investment property markets?
…ALL over the US?

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Why do they move so quick? Because the properties we find for you are:

  • Hand Picked by us for their ROI value.
  • Show you the real picture (all expenses listed).
  • Fully Inspected by a Licensed Inspector.
  • Rented (often long term tenants).
  • Professionally Managed.

And are ready for a new HANDS-OFF investor to take charge and collect checks.

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What we do.

We find hidden, off-the-market investment properties in unique locations across the U.S. that offer high-returns.

  • Secure Real-Estate investing.
  • Get returns your very first month.
  • Already rented with existing tenants.
  • Already managed, hands-off ownership.
  • Already rehabbed, NOT fix-n-flip.
  • OFF-MARKET properties (cash only deals).

Simply put, these are rented homes with stable tenants that are already professionally managed and making a profit for you.

Existing Tenants.

No hoping to find a tenant quick, these homes have tenants that already have a proven history in the home.

Hands-Off ownership

Professional management is already in place, and at a very affordable rate because of our network.

Buy & Hold

No remodeling needed! Forget the headache and expense of fix-n-flip, instead these homes are in decent condition with little or no upgrades needed.

Single Family Homes

Single Family Investment Properties

Small homes that have been previously rehabbed and are currently rented and managed, providing a positive ROI are our specialty. Finding these hidden gems for you is what we do.

Multi-Family Duplexes

Multi Family Investments

Duplexes, Triplexes, Quads and even small apartment buildings are available . Let us know what you’re looking for, what price range and we’ll find you a variety of options.



Good homes with existing tenants already managed and profitable.

Truly hands-off & Turnkey, everything is handled and in place for you.

Build your portfolio. Ask about our ‘Investment Hack’ to help you use your 401k to use hard assets to get the equity and return on your investment so you can retire, stress free.

12.17% ROI Investment Home

12.17% ROI Investment Home

$47,000 sale price. Yearly Rental Income: $9,540.00 ($795/month) Yearly Expenses Include Property Insurance Property Taxes Vacancy/Repair Allowance Property Management TOTAL EXPENSES: $3,816.00 $5,724 Cash Flow means a 12.17% Net ROI

Let’s Build Something

Let us show you our ultimate “Retirement Hack” plan that takes $100k from your 401k and grows it to $10,000.00 per month by the time you retire. Use it for yourself, leave the homes to the kids, and build a legacy.

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